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1st Education Working Group Meeting

 G20 India 1st Education Working Group Meeting

Setting the Course for Change

May 18, 2023
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Chennai hosted the 1st G20 Education Working Group meeting from Jan 31- Feb 2, 2023 with full enthusiasm. This year, the EdWG aims to steer global dialogue on inclusive, equitable & quality education. 80 delegates from 30 countries and international organizations from member nations and special invitees participated in the meet. The meeting started with a seminar and exhibition highlighting role of technology in Education.


Discussion on strategies for the following were undertaken

1. Adoption of technology to provide accessible, inclusive and equitable education.

2. Making learning inclusive, qualitative & collaborative

3. Bridging gaps in digital infrastructure, human infrastructure & administrative systems.

4. Enable high quality higher education learning opportunities at scale

5. Emerging technologies to provide skill training

6. Building capacities, promoting lifelong learning in context of future of work

7. Strengthening research and promoting innovation


1st G20 India Education Working Group meeting

Mr. Sanjay Murthy, The India Chair of G20 Education Working Group (EdWG) and Secretary Higher Education, said that under the National Education Policy 50 % of the school going children will be skilled in the near future. Stating that recognition to those developing skills is of at most importance. He said a framework is being developed to capture the assessment of skills developed. He said the Diksha platform and other education related projects implemented was appreciated by the member countries who participated in the deliberations.


Efforts to ensure universal Foundational Literacy & Numeracy (FNL) under Education Working Group were stressed upon along with how can India & G20 can help in achieving universal FLN. With focus on Skilling, reskilling & upskilling, G20India leads the 1st #G20 Education WG to develop a collaborative approach for new generation of skills & lifelong learning ecosystem in the context of Future of Work. It commits to catalyse quality academic research collaborations across #G20 members to strengthen research and promote innovation. #G20 will work together to develop a roadmap for enhancing knowledge creation and research.


Intensive presentations by UNICEF and other International organizations were made at the 2 day conclave. Collaboration with Universities across the globe for enhancing technology enabled learning among major outcome in the 2 day conclave.


As a side event, World Ed-tech exhibition was also organized at IIT Madras Research Park, where the participating member countries of the #G20 displayed their Ed-tech and digital initiatives. Delegates attending the event were taken to Mahabalipuram Group of Monuments, a UNESCO World Heritage to showcase the rich architectural heritage, reflected in the high quality craftsmanship achieved as early as the 6th century CE. On the sidelines of the G20 events Cultural events and dinners were also organised showcasing the vibrant cultural elements and bustling culinary scene of Tamil Nadu.


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