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Man Buys 21-Acre Barren Land, Converts It Into Forest In Karnataka

Suresh Kumar

Bringing About The Change

Apr 29, 2023
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Suresh Kumar, an entrepreneur from Bengaluru purchased 21 acres of barren land, ten years back in Sagar of Shivamogga. He planned to add forest cover to the region.
Kumar converted the land with the help of a renowned environmentalist, Akhilesh Chipli. 

“This forest is named  'Usha Kiran' (morning sun rays). It is a green initiative model. Ten years ago it was like a desert. Now it is covered in green. An entrepreneur from Bengaluru Suresh Kumar purchased the land after the earlier owner harvested the eucalyptus and Acacia trees. 21 acres of land was completely barren. Suresh Kumar asked me to dedicate the land for social causes. I requested him to create a natural forest," said Chipli. Akhilesh further emphasised that the majority of the plants in the forest are growing naturally and they planted only a few varieties.

This story has inspired a lot of people to build such forest covers to preserve their flora and fauna just like the Usha Kiran Forest. A man has the capability to do wonders if he wants to & that’ s what we get to learn each and every day. 
We are proud of Suresh for the great work & inspiring others for more forests to come!

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