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40 garbage ATMs to be installed in Pune city in 3 years

Garbage ATMs

An Endeavour For Change

Apr 29, 2023

To get the money in exchange for the bottles, the citizens will receive money in their bank accounts for which they will need to register their mobile numbers. For this purpose, the citizens will be informed about how to use it via a display on the devices. As per the report, the PMC will provide the land for these ATMs in public places.




  1. In a world that is fast embracing technology and digitisation to tackle problems, a new startup in town Ecomaxgo is giving a tech twist to waste management.


  1. The startup has invented waste ATMs or kiosks in order to provide people with a platform to dispose of their waste in a more scientific way.


  1. “The company will install 40 such ATMs in the city in the next three years and right now they plan to provide ten machines,” said Hemant Rasne, chairman of the standing committee.


  1. Standing committee chairman Hemant Rasane said that if the citizens hand over empty plastic bottles, they will get Re1 and if they hand over a glass bottle, they will get Rs 3.


  1. The PMC had proposed to open 200 such centres in the city where individual households can give their recyclable/non-recyclable waste.


  1. They had PET bottle-crushing machines installed at 20 locations having high pedestrian footfalls but later were changed to multi-utility kiosks.


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