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EV Yatra Mobile Application : Government's Attempt To Boost Electric Vehicles Usage

EV Yatra Mobile Application

Track The Nearest Charging Station

May 05, 2023

I recently could resist but notice that how electric vehicles are slowly taking over the roads, especially with inflation and the government’s pretentious efforts to promote them. Considering the statistics that Indian EV market is expected to reach $15,398 billion by 2027, the fact that Electronic Vehicles are here to stay and rule the future can not be denied.

However, people are somewhat hesitant to buy an electric vehicle because of factors like high cost, and the hassle of charging. To overcome this resistance and offer an environment that supports this change, was thus introduced the idea of EV-Yatra Portal that empowered all citizens to have access to details regarding e-vehicles technology & charging facilities.


EV-Yatra Portal mobile application was launched by President Droupadi Murmu on 14th December on the occasion of National Energy Conservation Day in Delhi. The application has been developed by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) with the aim of facilitating in-vehicle navigation to the nearest public charger for electric vehicle users. It is a component of the government’s efforts to promote the e-mobility ecosystem in the country.


President Murmu Launched EV Yatra Portal App


The web portal allows CPOs to register their charging details securely in the National Online Database. The website will also allow the authorities to disseminate information on various initiatives to promote e-mobility throughout the nation. Registered users can access the data and locate the nearest charging station.


Currently, over 18 lakh Electronic Vehicles are registered in India. The maximum number of electric vehicles are registered in Uttar Pradesh (4,14,978), followed by Delhi (1,83,74) and Maharashtra (1,79,087). So far, a total of 5,151 public EV charging stations have been installed all over the nation. There are around 698 charging stations in Karnataka, 660 charging stations in Maharashtra and 539 EV charging stations in Delhi. A charging station may have different types of chargers and different tariff charges based on the charger type.


The app uses the GPS coordinates of the users and provide them with real-time data regarding the types of chargers installed at the station, availability of charging slots, the prevailing EV charging tariff, service fee and other related information. One can prebook the charging slot via their smartphones at the time of travelling. Addressing the issue of information asymmetry with regard to charging stations has also been attempted with the help of this application. Additionally, the mobile application is dynamic enough to be updated frequently and shall act as a medium to seek consumer feedback for continual improvement/upgradation of its features.


EV Charging Station


Key Takeaways

The Indian EV market’s evolution can be measured by noting the growing number of EV startups — manufacturing everything — from two-wheelers to four-wheelers, hybrid and electric vehicles, e-carts and heavy EVs. Also, governments have successfully contributed to boosting EV startups through policies, subsidies, and initiatives. It is looking forward to strengthen a strong public charging infrastructure to support this vision and this app is a salient step towards the same.

So if you are an E-Vehicle User, you might wish to download this app and keep it handy for your convenience

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