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Delhi Launches 'Green War Room' to Wage War on Air Pollution

Green War Room

Making Delhi Green Again

Oct 05, 2023

India's capital, Delhi, is one of the world's most polluted cities. Residents of the city face a major health risk as a result of the city's frequent air pollution levels exceeding permissible limits. The Delhi government has established a 'Green War Room' to fight air pollution in order to address this issue.


A cutting-edge facility called the Green War Room will monitor air pollution levels in real-time and coordinate efforts to lower it. The facility will be furnished with the most recent technology, including meteorological information, satellite imaging, and air quality sensors. Additionally, a group of specialists will analyse the data and suggest ways to cut air pollution.


The Green War Room will now operate 24*7  and will be able to track information on how much pollution is present in which Delhi neighbourhoods. Additionally, it will coordinate the operations of other government organisations, such as the Municipal Corporation of Delhi, the Delhi Traffic Police, and the Delhi Pollution Control Committee. Additionally, it will collaborate with NGOs and other parties to create and carry out a comprehensive air pollution management strategy.


Green War Room



The Delhi government's creation of the Green War Room is a positive move. It is hoped that the facility would contribute to lowering the city's air pollution levels and enhancing the health of its citizens.



How the Green War Room is expected to help reduce air pollution in Delhi


  • Monitoring air pollution levels in real time: The Green War Room will be equipped with the latest air quality sensors, which will allow it to monitor air pollution levels in real time. This will help the government to identify areas where air pollution is highest and to take targeted action to reduce it.
  • Coordinating efforts to reduce air pollution: The Green War Room will coordinate the efforts of various government agencies and stakeholders to reduce air pollution. This will help to ensure that there is a coordinated and comprehensive approach to air pollution management.


  • Developing and implementing a comprehensive air pollution management plan: The Green War Room will work with experts to develop and implement a comprehensive air pollution management plan. This plan will identify the sources of air pollution and develop strategies to reduce them.

Green War Room


Additional information about the Green War Room

  • The Green War Room is located on the seventh floor of the Delhi secretariat.
  • It is staffed by a team of 17 people, including environment scientists and other officials.
  • The Green War Room is able to receive complaints from the Green Delhi mobile app. This app acts as a unified platform, connecting 28 government departments, and allows citizens to report pollution-related complaints.
  • The launch of the Green War Room is part of the CM's 15-point winter action plan, which aims to curb pollution from vehicle emissions, dust, industrial sources, and crop-burning.

Green War Room

The Green War Room is a significant step by the Delhi government in its fight against air pollution. It is hoped that the facility will be able to make a significant contribution to reducing air pollution levels in the city and improving the health of its residents.


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